The Queer Domestic
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people told me they gained over 50+ when i did this the other day so yas

wtf i gained over 80 thank u crunchier this is dope 


Families that don’t play monopoly together, stay together


i don’t like your clothes take them off



fuck education who wants to start a band

your URL makes me suspicious of your intentions with this band.

Non-black people perpetuating negative black stereotypes #ijudgeyou

Non-black people perpetuating negative black stereotypes #ijudgeyou


If you think that representation doesn’t matter, that’s probably because you’re already represented.



hollywood sure has an easy time finding brown and black people to play terrorists, thugs, drug dealers, gangsters, servants, “barbarians”, hypersexualized or desexualized caricatures but all of a sudden you need a lead role and


gosh where did they go i swear we put them here right after zero dark thirty??

Can’t even find them to play black and brown people in movies ABOUT black and brown people.

I probably lost about 20 followers because I am not pro-Israel. I’m pro-Palestine. If you don’t like that, you can unfollow. If you like that, follow.